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Pipeline integrity solutions



In-Pipe Robot develops solutions for inspection and analysis of industrial and main pipelines of any configuration.

Our target markets:

  • Energy (Thermal and Renewable)

  • Utility and Housing

  • Oil and Gas

  • Construction

  • Pipes manufacturing

  • Chemical



Pipeline inspection

  • Teleinspection

  • Profilometry

  • Pipeline map reconstruction

  • Pipeline 3D-model reconstruction

  • Thickness measurement (under development)

  • Non-destructive testings (under development)

  • Predictive analysis (under development)

Pipe inspection

  • Teleinspection

  • High precision profilometry

  • Pipe length control

  • Pipe 3D-model reconstruction

  • Thickness measurement (under development)

  • Non-destructive testings (under development)


  • Existing inspection data analysis.

  • Audit of Software and data processing algorithms.

  • Non-destructive physical calculations and simulations.

  • Choosing of electrical components.



Up to 55% of pipeline maintenance costs reduction

On schedule and precise defects detection allows to prevent emergencies

and losses of raw material

Up to 33% of pipeline maintenance time reduction

High velocity and usage of several NDT-methods simultaneously allows

to decrease the required inspection time dramatically

Complex shape pipeline inspection

The maneuverability of the robots allows to overcome T-branches, vertical sections,

90-deg. branches, and diameters changes

Autonomous inspection

Risks of human factor are reduced and don't affect the results of the pipeline inspection

Predictive analysis

Analysis of the pipeline inspection allows to make a conclusion regarding 

the pipeline conditions and its remained lifetime of safety exploitation


Pipeline inspection

The robot consists of different modules. Each of them is devoted to perform its particular tasks.

Depending on your needs, it's possible to select the required configuration

Pipe inspection

This configuration of the robot was specifically tuned to inspect pipes (especially relevant for pipe manufacturers).

It provides teleinspection. If it's needed, the NDT equipment or any other sensors/tools might be attached as well.

Outer pipeline inspection

(under development)

The robot is able to move on the outer side of a pipeline and conduct the NDT inspection.

It's going to be able to move vertically without any ropes and additional fixture equipment.


Make order

In-Pipe Robot team is also ready to discuss:

  • Pilot Projects.

  • Investments.

  • Partnership.

  • Development of specialized solutions in the Pipeline integrity field.

To discuss these topics, you can use the contact form below as well.


We are searching for the following positions:

  • Software developer (programing language: C; C++; Python).

  • NDT-specialist (knowledge of the Magnetic method is the preferable one;
    the existence of certification is a huge bonus).

  • Mechanical engineer.


Send us your CV in the mail below, and we will be glad to contact you!


CEO: Arthur Kolesnikov,

Phone number: +7 (925) 712-04-39.

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