In-Pipe Robot

Smart Robot for In-Pipe Diagnostic


        “In-Pipe Robot” company is developing robots for inspection of industrial and main pipelines with the focus on small diameters such as 200-750 mm.

        Our solution allows dramatically expand pipes inspection opportunities. High maneuverability and the ability of combined diagnostics make it possible to inspect difficult pipeline sections faster, more reliable, and cheaper. Predictive analysis will reduce the risks of the company exploiting the pipeline. Our industrial partner is a leading  Russian company - "T+ Group".

        Our mission is to prevent emergencies in pipelines fast and with maximum efficiency.


Company News


We had a great time at one of the biggest innovative Events in Russia –

"Open Innovations 2018".

We came up with a lot of new ideas and contacts.

So, we are ready to move forward with new energy!

Interview with the Start-Up Founder

In-Pipe Robot

        The robot is bendable. Our key advantage is high maneuverability with the possibility of overcoming "T-" and "L-" turns, vertical sections, and diameter changes. The solution provides combined diagnostic using several methods of non-destructive control to increase the inspection results accuracy.

        Due to the modular design, a customer will obtain customized for his tasks unique solution.

        With our robot we benefit our clients with four main values:

The possibility of complex configuration pipelines inspection (with "T-" and "L-" turns, vertical sections, and diameter changes).

Higher accuracy of defects localization (error less than 0.45 m).

Reducing a pipeline total inspection time up to 33%.

Predictive analysis to make the conclusion of the further possibility of an inspected pipeline usage.

        Major Defects in the pipelines can be separated in the following four groups:

  •  Metal loss – 54 %.

  •  Rust – 42 %.

  •  Cracks – 2.5 %.

  •  Others – 1.5 %.

        To understand the complexity of tasks, which are faced by such type robots’ developers, let’s take a look at the pipes’ examples:


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        We are searching candidates for the following positions:

  •  Software developer (programing language: C; Python).

  •  NDT specialist (knowledge of NDT methods (magnetic is the preferable one); the existence of certification is a 
     huge bonus).

  •  Mechanical engineer.

  •  IoT specialist.


        Send us your CV on the mail below and we will be glad to contact you!



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Arthur Kolesnikov,

Phone number: +7 (925) 712-04-39

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CEO: Arthur Kolesnikov,

Phone number: +7 (925) 712-04-39.

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